Monday, January 6, 2020

January 2020 Important Dates

1/7 One Word Project begins
1/8 Library (bring books and charged Chromebook) 
1/10 Report Cards
1/10 Mathopoly
1/10 Club Day
1/13 One Word Presentations due (rubric)
1/14 Book Tasting
1/17 Vocabulary Quiz (dis prefix)
1/17 House Day
1/17 Pep Rally
1/20 No School- MLK Day
1/23 Last day for retakes on "Dis" vocabulary quiz
1/24 Figurative Language Assessment
1/24 Write On: "Graph" and "Gram" Vocabulary Quiz
1/24 Flipgrid Book Chat Due (rubric)
1/24 Club Day
1/27 Figurative Language foldable (with examples from book group) text due
1/31 Safe School Assembly with Attorney General

Please check back regularly as this will be updated and new dates and events arise.

Reminder: Students need to be reading every night. The goal is for every student to read at least 40 books this school year.

Updated 1/20/2020

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Important Dates for November 2019

November 1- Creepy Science
November 1- Book Fair begins
November 4- Visit Book Fair
November 7- Context Clues Assessment
November 8- Clubs
November 8- Reading R&R- bring a beach towel
November 11- Veterans' Day- schools closed
November 12- Begin argumentative writing project
November 15- CSI: Hogwarts
November 15- Clubs
November 18- Chromebooks deliver to students whose parents have attended Chromebook Camp
November 21- Immigration Day
November 22- Argumentative writing project due: Urban Legend Smackdown
November 25-29- Thanksgiving Holiday

This month, we will conclude our participation in The Global Read Aloud with the book Front Desk. We will be doing a variety of activities to connect with other classes to discuss this book.

Two reminders:
  1. We have free reading at the beginning of class every Tuesday and Friday. Students should arrive with a book in hand as these are designated reading times. They are encouraged to come to class every day with a book.
  2. We are participating in the 40 Book Challenge. Students have reading passports in their comp book to document their completed reads.
Updated 11/13/19

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Hideaway Hall of Fame 2019

Yesterday, we ankled our way down to The Blind Pig where we are learning about innovators and inventors of the 1920s and beyond. We analyzed biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs at The Blind Pig to learn about great innovators and change-makers, building on our learning in our social studies class with Ms. Williams. 

The Hideaway Hall of Fame was the bee’s knees. If we figured out the secret password, we even got a swig of giggle juice.

Thanks to all of you for your generous donations that helped make this day so special. Enjoy a few photos from our day.

P.S. The Blind Pig was inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J. K. Rowling

Thursday, October 3, 2019

October Important Dates

Welcome to October! Below you will find important due dates and events. Please check back regularly as these dates may change and be updated.

October 3 Final day for make-ups and retakes
October 4 First draft of our narrative project is due (Rubric). All feedback, writing, and revisions are done in students' narrative writing documents in their Google Drive ELA folder. Students can access this at home by logging in to their TCS Google account.
October 4 Front Desk comic strip due
October 7-8 Fall Break- no school
October 9 Theme and evidence from narrative due (Rubric)
October 9 Spirit Week: Wild West Wednesday
October 10 Spirit Week: School Spirit Day
October 11 Final revisions for 2nd draft of narrative project due (Rubric)
October 11 Report Cards come home
October 11 School Spirit Week- Decades Day
October 16 Final published narrative due (Rubric)
October 17 Guest Readers for the Global Read Aloud
October 18 Publishing Party
October 18 Pink Out- Wear Pink
October 23 Hideaway Hall of Fame
October 23 Parent Chromebook Camp at NMS
October 24 Guest Readers for the Global Read Aloud
October 28 Red Ribbon: Team Up Against Drugs (team wear)
October 28 Storytelling Project Due (rubric)
October 29 Red Ribbon: Wear red
October 29 Bring earbuds/headphones to class
October 29 Guest Readers for the Global Read Aloud
October 30 Throw Shade at Drug (wear sunglasses)
October 31 All Hallows Read
October 31 Red Ribbon: Say Boo to Drugs
November 1 Creepy Science
November 1 Red Ribbon: Sock it to Drugs

This month, we are participating in The Global Read Aloud with the book Front Desk. We will be doing a variety of activities to connect with other classes to discuss this book.

*Updated October 18. 2019

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pronoun Assessment

On Thursday, September 12th, we will have an assessment on pronouns. This will include subjective, objective, reflexive, intensive, possessive and commonly misused pronouns (L.6.1).

There are several different ways that students can prepare for this assessment:

  • In their comp books, students have class notes, guided notes, and practice pages that have been corrected. All of these can be used for study and practice.
  • Students can visit the class links page on our class website. On that page, I have curated a collection of interactive activities that they use to practice these standards.
  • Mr. Price created several Quizizz to help our ELA students review these standards. Students can go to these links:  
    3. ​
Remember that according to our syllabus, assessments are worth 90% of the grade and practice is worth 10%.

Students should reading at least 20 minutes a night and we strive to reach our 40 Book Challenge.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Lunch & Learn begins this week!

We know that every student will not be in the same place on the learning continuum at the same time. Students need different supports and challenges based on their individual, specific learning needs. Therefore, once a week, on Thursdays, I will hold a Lunch and Learn where students can bring their lunch to my classroom to receive extra assistance from me. This time can also be used as additional time to work on class projects or retake assessments. Experience has shown that this time is a beneficial tool in a student's learning tool box.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

FAQ: Grading, Retakes, and Procedures 2019-2020

The time is approaching for our first progress report. There may be several questions on your mind regarding the scores that you will see on your learner's progress reports. Here are some questions that you may have when your student brings home his/her progress report.

What exactly does mastery of standards mean? All scores identify the level of mastery that an individual student reaches for each of the 6th grade standards. That means that as we practice with standards throughout the year, students work towards one-hundred percent mastery for each standard. Grades are not compensation for effort put forth but a communication of where he/she currently is on the learning continuum for each standard.

Where are the assignments listed for each grade? Because students are graded on standards, you will see the standard identified for each "assignment." There will also be an indicator as to the specific task, activity, or project for which a score was taken.

My student scored low on a practice assignment or assessment. Can they earn some extra credit? Learners are being graded according to their level of mastery of the 6th grade ELA standards. Extra credit gives inaccurate data on where a child stands in their learning. However, students can continue to work towards mastery of the standards. If a student would like to take the time to reflect on their progress, complete a retake contract and make arrangements to retake an assignment, they are welcome to do this up until the deadline for a specific project or 10 days before the end of a grading period, depending on the assignment. 

For our students, part of being in middle school is learning how to take responsibility for their actions. Although, I will work with all students diligently in class and encourage each one to take advantage of all the additional learning opportunities, it is ultimately each individual student's responsibility to fill out a retake contract, meet with me one-on-one, take time to relearn through the plethora of opportunities, and make arrangements to complete a retake.

(You can find the Sixth Grade Reflect, Relearn, Retry contract here: . While other sixth grade teachers may use this contract, please be aware that each individual teacher may make slight alterations to this contract and its procedure. For our class, students wishing to retake an assessment must complete the contract, meet with me, and retake their assessment within five school days of a grade being posted.)

How are scores determined on retakes? Students will keep the score that demonstrates the highest level of mastery. In iNow at Home, when you sign-in, you will see the scores noted for each of the attempts. However, only the highest score will be the one that counts towards a final average.

How does my learner know how to improve? For every assignment, I provided detailed feedback on how he/she can improve. In their blog posts, I will leave private comments that are only viewable to that student with specific information regarding their level of mastery and areas they may need to grow. In their Google Drive, I will leave feedback through comments. In all cases, students are also given resources and tips on how they can continue to grow in that area.

Hopefully, these have addressed any questions you may have had in regards to your learner's grades including what they can do to continue to grow. Using these procedures, my students always have an extremely successful school year filled with exponential growth...and a lot of fun along the way.