Student Blogging

How We Begin:

Before we began this awesome online tool we had to start learning what blogging is. We discussed what blogging is and how it can support our learning. To practice blogging we made a paper version of how a blog could look like. The topic for our paper blog was what our passion is.We read each others blogs. To practice commenting we used post-it notes and we stuck them on the side of the paper. Here is a lesson plan which is like what we did to learn about blogging: Learning to Blog Using Paper.

Staying Safe:

We discussed how to stay safe online. When we were discussing we said to not give personal information to nobody. We also read a book called Net Cetera which gave us some knowledge on how to stay safer online. On Kidblog, we cannot give personal information. Our teacher takes safety measures so we can be safe online. We used BuildYourWildself to make a funny animated characters to represent us without connecting a photo of ourselves with our blog name. Then, we get to starting using our own blog on KidBlog.

Our Expectations:

 At the beginning of the year we created our own expectations and guidelines.
  • Our blogging needs to include details, information, explanations, and true facts.
  • In our blog posts, we need to share our learning: what we did, why we did it, and what we learned from it.
  • We need to create our posts and comments using correct capitalization, organization, punctuation, and spelling so that our audience understands us.  
  • Hook the readers with a strong topic sentence so that they will want to read our writing.
  • Our text is what is most important, but we can add URLs, pictures, photos, videos, and other projects to support our writing.
  • Make safe choices when online including appropriate language and resources.
  • Create comments that are thoughtful, relevant, and continue the conversation.
  • We will blog at least two times a week. One of these blogs will be able what we are reading independently.  
Why We Blog:

We blog so that other people will see what we are doing, learning about, and so they can learn from us. For example, on Innovation Day we didn't just teach our classmates, we also taught our audience. When we do science labs, we blog about it so people will know what we did and learn from our experiences. When we learn about a topic or subject that interests us, we can blog about it and not just teach ourselves, but our classmates (in class and around the world) as well. We also learn from them, as well as they learn from us. Also blogging lets us be better writers and learners. It prepares us for our life...and it's fun!

~DC and AP

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