Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Geometry Fan

Our class made a Geometry Fan in geometry. A Geometry Fan is a paper folded in a zigzag (fanlike) way. You can tape the paper strips to make your fan longer and taller. On each box we put our geometry facts about angles, vertex, axes, triangles, quadrilaterals, and also degrees on a shape. We also put facts about parallel lines and perpendicular lines. The Geometry Fan helps us understand geometry better. The Geometry Fan also helps us study better in a fun and fascinating way.

The Geometry Fan is really easy to make. So instead of writing your notes on paper, make your own Geometry Fan. All you need to make a Geometry Fan are white paper and tape. On the index card you fill the card with facts. Draw the shape, tell the degrees, and anything else you see in the shape or angle. After that you can make it all pretty and color the Geometry Fan. For more on geometry go to GeoMEtry and see what we did. ~DC and AP

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

The holiday season is a time for giving back to others. Sometimes we need to give to people we don't even know. It is not about getting new stuff. As a class, we wanted to find a way to help others.

Yesterday, we found out that the students and teachers from the Sandy Hook Elementary School  are moving into a new building. They are moving all the furniture into the building, but it is not decorated like a school. They requested that students send glittery snowflakes to decorate their school so that when the students return, it will look like a Winter Wonderland.

For our Christmas party, we made snowflakes for  Sandy Hook Elementary School. When we were making the snowflakes, we put glue on our snowflakes and we sprinkled glitter onto the snowflakes. We really enjoyed taking time to do something for other people even though we've never met. We hope that our snowflakes bring joy and happiness to those students. ~MH and AM

Wonderful Weebly Portfolios

 Weebly is a wonderful website were you can create a website. You can also create a portfolio. You can make your Weebly public or private. We are using Weebly to create a portfolio of everything we have learned this year. For now, our Weebly is private. Mrs. Ramsay's Weebly is public and a lot of people visit her Weebly.

For our Weebly we have to write about all the marvelous and magnificent things we have done over the year. There are four pages for each season including the home page. The pages are Home, Fall, Winter, and Spring.We have been mainly working on our Fall page. We could put pictures too. So some people are done with there Fall page and some are starting their Winter page.

With our experience with blogging, it was simple. Good thing we knew the rules for the online world. It would be terrible if we didn't know the rules. For the Winter portfolio page we don't have that much to write about because Winter just started. By the time it's January, you will probably think we started two year's ago because we have learned and accomplished so much in a short time period. So check back on our class blog and Weebly.  ~AP

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fall 6 Word Memoirs

Our class did a 6 Word Memoir for our digital portfolios that we are publishing on Weebly.  In a 6 Word Memoir, you summarize a point in your life in exactly six words. You can  explain your feelings, your life, or whatever you want, but it must be in six words.

The 6 Word Memoir is pretty challenging because you have to really think how you are going to write about your life in six words. We started by looking at and analyzing some published 6 Word Memoirs online. After we discussed our findings, we began to brain storm some ways to create our won to publish in our digital portfolios.

This actually challenged our class a bit. Mrs. Ramsay challenged us to write a 6Word Memoir about who we were as a learner when we entered fifth grade and how we have changed after learning together for four months.We think our memoirs were really good. Many people use analogies and imagery to share their story. You could actually understand what they were trying to say in six words if you stop and contemplate the meaning behind their memoir. Even though it was challenging, it was fun at the same time.

Once was old and now new. ~Z.F.
I was smart, now I'm wise. ~N.E 
In fifth grade, much better learner. ~S.H.

 Here I am, a new learner. ~C.A.

Little smart but smarter each day. ~J.H.
Was a caterpillar, now a butterfly. ~M.H.
Was captain; now Lt.Colonel; achieved goal. ~D.C. 
I was small, but now BIG. ~M.H.
Open your eyes then dream big. ~C.K.
Always dark. Light ahead for learning. ~C.B. 
Dreams come true in our school. ~A.M. 
Was a canvas, now painted gold. ~D.C. 
Dream small, but dream become big. ~E.G. 
Nice teacher.Keep grades.Good work. ~B.C.
Creative, Inspired.Will be forever. ~L.C. 
Challenged, inspired, creative, opened, advanced, accomplished. ~K.T.
I am here, a  great learner. ~J.I.
Inspired kid ready to learn things. ~K.J.
Enter the room, opened my eyes. ~A.P.

Here's a challenge for you. What would be your 6 Word Memoir? Please write yours in a comment.