Friday, November 30, 2012


Today, we got the opportunity to do a GeoMEtry activity. This is where you get a group of people and make different geometric shapes with your body. We had to make shapes like circles, right angles,quadrilaterals, obtuse angles, and polygons. We took pictures of  our shapes, which you can see them below.
The way that we made shapes was by working together to curve and make our shapes. There were three groups that worked together to practice their geometry. We either could sit up and make shapes or lay down in the grass and make the shapes.A lot of the groups chose to lay down. It was not too cold today so it was a perfect time to do this activity.
Some shapes were easy to do and some were challenging. Mrs. Ramsay stood up in a chair to take the pictures so, it would look like it was a flat, 2D shapes.I think that this was a great learning experience for all of us because we had to really know our geometric shapes to make them.

P.S.   Do you know why this activity is called GeoMEtry?

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