Friday, October 25, 2013

GRA: Melody's Photo Albums

For one of our stations this week, we made Instacollages. Instacollages are where we create a group of pictures from the book Out of My Mind. We selected important events in the life of Melody.Once we made our illustrations, we took a picture of each of them and combined them  with an app called Instacollage. We put them together and made sure they were in order in which the moment took place, so it looked like a photo album.
 These are really cool because you can look at Melody's life in a quick summary. You see her struggles and accomplishments. You feel bad for Melody then happy again as you witness different parts of her life. I definitely recommend it for summing up characters and stories in a fun and productive way.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

GRA: Our One and Only Trading Cards!!!!!

 The past couple of weeks we have been making trading cards for the characters in the book Out of My Mind. We have been making the trading cards on some of the characters in the book. In case you don't know, Out Of My Mind is this year's Global Read Aloud book. We used an app on Mrs. Ramsay's iPad called Trading Card. Pretty basic name, but it is an awesome app. You can make trading cards on anything or on anyone. From fictional character to a real person. It is fantastic. Trading Card is one of our lit centers. We did this so, we could share what we thought about the characters. We analyzed and explained who the character was, the problem, the outcome, and the character's feelings. It really helped us feel the characters feelings. It made us realize how the characters lives and acts. Here are some of the trading cards we did in class. Blog you later!!! -SC & TD

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Update on Re-Takes and Re-do

In an every growing pursuit to provide students an opportunity to master content standards, my grading policy has adapted. Students are still permitted to re-take or re-do any assignment up until ten days before the end of the grading period. However, in order to increase student mastery, the sixth grade team has created this study plan and contract. Students will need to print this file, obtain the necessary signatures and complete their proposed plan of study. Make-up test can be taken during our Lunch and Learn sessions which will be announced each week.

This plan will assist students in the mastery process while developing important life skills such as organization, responsibility, and independence.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Trailers: Skyping

We Skyped with people in Hueytown Middle School to talk about the book trailers we are publishing. We gave them ideas and they gave us ideas on tools, books, and management tips. They told us what books they were doing, so we did too. In some of the book trailers, people drew it, took pictures of people who acted as the characters in the book that they were doing, or they took videos too. We really enjoyed when they explained what books they were doing. Some of them we hadn't even heard of! The ones that we did, but hadn't read, sounded really good. They got good ideas from us.We cant wait to see how there book trailers are going. Skyping was a great way to learn from people who aren't in our class...and it's fun! ~MD and TB

Spirit Week

Last week we had the one and only... Spirit Week. Spirit Week is when the students get to dress up in the theme that we have for the day.  On Monday we were supposed to wear our PJ's. On Tuesday, we wore spirit clothes to represent Rock Quarry Middle School. On Wednesday, we wore country or country. By that, I mean country as in "yehaw" and country as in red, white, and blue. On Thursday, we wore tacky clothes.. It was a strange school day. On Friday it was... drum roll please. (imaginary drum roll) Character Day!!!!!!! We had lots of fun. We got to dress up in strange and funny clothes and we got to express who we really are. Here is the strange part. The teachers even dressed up!!! Mrs.Ramsay went full out. Here is some more about it.

Monday was Pajama day. People wore all different types of pajamas. Comfy slippers, Pajama pants with a random shirt and so many more that would take too long to name. Anyway, we believe that this day was a great way to start of the week, and it was. People were excited to go to school. We know. Strange, right?

Tuesday was Spirit Day. We showed off our Rock Quarry Jag pride. We had a pep rally and the grade with the most pride got a spirit stick. 6th grade won! Not a surprise! People went full out. They painted their faces and wore blue tutus.

Wednesday was Country or country. Okay, listen to us very careful. It was country as in cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and the words "yehaw" or country as in red, white, and blue. Most people choose country "yehaw."

Thursday was tacky day. It was a strange day. People wore some of the strangest and ugliest clothes. Most people wore tacky clothes. That is pretty much all to be said about that.

Now, the one and only.................. CHARACTER DAY!!!!!!!! This was the most exciting day of the week, at least in our opinion. People dressed up like princesses, witches, heroes, movie characters, and so many more. It was the best school day ever!!!!!!

That was pretty much all of spirit week. We had lots of fun and really hope that we can do something like that again.

Blog you later!!!!!        -SC & TD

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Global Read Aloud- Everyone Getting Together

The Global Read Aloud is when students and teachers anywhere in the world get together and read the same book(s).  It is really cool because people all around the world get to experience the same emotions while reading a certain part of the book. It doesn't really matter which chapter you're on, we'll all be on the last page, sooner or later. Together, we get to experience the exact moments in the book when the character finally fulfills his goal, or when something tragic happens. The Global Read Aloud allows people, some who don't even speak the same language, to understand each other through the book.

This year, for the Global Read Aloud, Mrs. Ramsay's class(and many others) are reading two books;  Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper and Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Out of My Mind is about a girl named Melody who has cerebral palsy, a condition where her body can't function properly. Even though her body has problems, her mind functions perfectly. Melody hates having her thoughts stuck in her head. She wants to be able to speak her mind, but her condition prevents that.

Wonder is about a boy named August who was born with a horrible face deformity. Everywhere he goes, he is always stared at. When August comes of age to attend fifth grade, his mom decides to enroll him in Beecher Prep. School instead of homeschooling him this year. August is scared because everyone at the school will stare at him.

Melody and August both want to be perceived as 'normal'. So far, both books are very interesting. The Global Read Aloud has been a great experience for me. It is really fun chatting with classes all over the world about these two special books. I will be sad when the Global Read Aloud ends, but I can't wait for a new one next year! ~MS

Book Collages 2013

Here are the Book Collage projects created by 1st/2nd period. They were a lot of fun to create.