Thursday, October 24, 2013

GRA: Our One and Only Trading Cards!!!!!

 The past couple of weeks we have been making trading cards for the characters in the book Out of My Mind. We have been making the trading cards on some of the characters in the book. In case you don't know, Out Of My Mind is this year's Global Read Aloud book. We used an app on Mrs. Ramsay's iPad called Trading Card. Pretty basic name, but it is an awesome app. You can make trading cards on anything or on anyone. From fictional character to a real person. It is fantastic. Trading Card is one of our lit centers. We did this so, we could share what we thought about the characters. We analyzed and explained who the character was, the problem, the outcome, and the character's feelings. It really helped us feel the characters feelings. It made us realize how the characters lives and acts. Here are some of the trading cards we did in class. Blog you later!!! -SC & TD

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