Friday, October 18, 2013

Spirit Week

Last week we had the one and only... Spirit Week. Spirit Week is when the students get to dress up in the theme that we have for the day.  On Monday we were supposed to wear our PJ's. On Tuesday, we wore spirit clothes to represent Rock Quarry Middle School. On Wednesday, we wore country or country. By that, I mean country as in "yehaw" and country as in red, white, and blue. On Thursday, we wore tacky clothes.. It was a strange school day. On Friday it was... drum roll please. (imaginary drum roll) Character Day!!!!!!! We had lots of fun. We got to dress up in strange and funny clothes and we got to express who we really are. Here is the strange part. The teachers even dressed up!!! Mrs.Ramsay went full out. Here is some more about it.

Monday was Pajama day. People wore all different types of pajamas. Comfy slippers, Pajama pants with a random shirt and so many more that would take too long to name. Anyway, we believe that this day was a great way to start of the week, and it was. People were excited to go to school. We know. Strange, right?

Tuesday was Spirit Day. We showed off our Rock Quarry Jag pride. We had a pep rally and the grade with the most pride got a spirit stick. 6th grade won! Not a surprise! People went full out. They painted their faces and wore blue tutus.

Wednesday was Country or country. Okay, listen to us very careful. It was country as in cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and the words "yehaw" or country as in red, white, and blue. Most people choose country "yehaw."

Thursday was tacky day. It was a strange day. People wore some of the strangest and ugliest clothes. Most people wore tacky clothes. That is pretty much all to be said about that.

Now, the one and only.................. CHARACTER DAY!!!!!!!! This was the most exciting day of the week, at least in our opinion. People dressed up like princesses, witches, heroes, movie characters, and so many more. It was the best school day ever!!!!!!

That was pretty much all of spirit week. We had lots of fun and really hope that we can do something like that again.

Blog you later!!!!!        -SC & TD

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