Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wonderful Weebly Portfolios

 Weebly is a wonderful website were you can create a website. You can also create a portfolio. You can make your Weebly public or private. We are using Weebly to create a portfolio of everything we have learned this year. For now, our Weebly is private. Mrs. Ramsay's Weebly is public and a lot of people visit her Weebly.

For our Weebly we have to write about all the marvelous and magnificent things we have done over the year. There are four pages for each season including the home page. The pages are Home, Fall, Winter, and Spring.We have been mainly working on our Fall page. We could put pictures too. So some people are done with there Fall page and some are starting their Winter page.

With our experience with blogging, it was simple. Good thing we knew the rules for the online world. It would be terrible if we didn't know the rules. For the Winter portfolio page we don't have that much to write about because Winter just started. By the time it's January, you will probably think we started two year's ago because we have learned and accomplished so much in a short time period. So check back on our class blog and Weebly.  ~AP

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