Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Geometry Fan

Our class made a Geometry Fan in geometry. A Geometry Fan is a paper folded in a zigzag (fanlike) way. You can tape the paper strips to make your fan longer and taller. On each box we put our geometry facts about angles, vertex, axes, triangles, quadrilaterals, and also degrees on a shape. We also put facts about parallel lines and perpendicular lines. The Geometry Fan helps us understand geometry better. The Geometry Fan also helps us study better in a fun and fascinating way.

The Geometry Fan is really easy to make. So instead of writing your notes on paper, make your own Geometry Fan. All you need to make a Geometry Fan are white paper and tape. On the index card you fill the card with facts. Draw the shape, tell the degrees, and anything else you see in the shape or angle. After that you can make it all pretty and color the Geometry Fan. For more on geometry go to GeoMEtry and see what we did. ~DC and AP

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