Thursday, August 30, 2012

Learning Teams

We have had a fantastic time this week. This week, we started a new ongoing activity called Learning Teams.  All of us are divided up into teams. Each week, we have goals that we strive to meet by each Friday.  We all got to create a team name and logo that we display on the classroom wall.

We can earn team points each for various activities such as class participation, following class procedures, completing homework,cooperative team work, etc. THESE POINTS ARE NOT FOR A GRADE.  They only count for the team towards earning a cool prize or special activity each Friday, if we meet our goal for that week.  

At the end of the grading period, any teams that earn Super Team status (a goal set at the beginning on the nine weeks) will earn a fun activity such as a popcorn and movie, ice cream sundaes, or outside activities.  Individuals can also earn individual points by being a good citizen or making good grades on tests.  These points can be spent by shopping in the "Ramsay General Store" or purchasing a classroom pass. 

This is an activity that helps us manage our point budget, set goals, and work together as a team which are all important life skills.

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