Monday, April 8, 2013

Good Digital Citizenship Tips

Today, we reviewed some of the ideas about digital citizenship that we talked about the first week of school. We had a greate discussion and thought we would share some of our ideas with you. Do you see anything we should add? If so, please leave it in a comment.

  1. Keep personal information to yourself. You MUST stay safe!
  2. Don't threaten anyone. Bullying isn't acceptable at any time.
  3. Only say nice, kind, friendly things. Don't say mean and insulting things to others. It still can hurt their feelings even if you can't see their faces.
  4. Don't give out where you are at what time. You don't want people to know that your house is empty or that you are somewhere justing hanging out woth friends. It's not safe.
  5. Always log out of whatever tool, app, or program you are using. You don't want someone to post inappropriate things from your account.
  6. Make more than three letter passwords so that others can easily figure it out and get into your account. A combination of letters and numers are usually good.
  7. Think before you type or speak. Once it is put out into the Internet, you can never really get it back.
  8. Don't give any pictures of yourself to anyone you don't know. You must stay safe!
  9. Keep your actions age-appropriate. Ask parents before you log-on to any websites that have inforamtion that may not be appropriate.
  10. Do not invite people to meet you. If you are on social media, you don't want others to know where you are if you are with friends. If that person is not someone you know in life, never agree to meet with them. Things can be different than what they seem to be.
  11. Remember that teasing that you do may appear to others as being mean or a bully. Be careful what you say online.

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