Thursday, January 23, 2014

"The Case of the Missing Teacher"

"The Case of the Missing Teacher" was a crime that occurred when we got into our Language classroom. Here is how it all started...

 We had just entered the room, but there was no teacher. There was a note on the board. There was a bunch of spelling mistakes in the note. Mrs. Ramsay is a spelling and language arts teacher, so we knew that this had to be on purpose. We had been studying a mystery unit, so we started to think. We got all of the letters that were missing or were not supposed to be there.  The mistakes spelled out Mr. Maxey, our principal. We quickly got together a group that would go down to Mr. Maxey's office. We found our first clue. We also videoed the entire thing in case we had missed something. We had followed the clues all over the school. Each room that we went to had a green note saying where the clue was. One was in Dr. Fondren's office, Mrs. Hardy's office, and in a library book. The last clue said that we have already seen the person who took Mrs. Ramsay. It also said that if we knocked down a wall in our classroom she would be there. Mrs. Abrams's closet goes into our classroom. We then all ran straight into Mrs. Abrams's classroom and went into our closet. Their was Mrs. Ramsay grading papers. That is the case of the missing teacher.

We all had a lot of fun finding Mrs. Ramsay. We learned all about teamworkand applying what we'd learned about mysteries. We also had to challenge our minds. We want to give a big thanks to Caroline and Mrs. Ramsay for making all of this possible. We had tons of fun and hope that we can do it all again. We love to do things like this in Ramsayland. (a.k.a Mrs. Ramsay's classroom) Thanks again for making this happen!

Blog you later!!!!!! ~SC

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