Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mathopoly Day!

September 25th was Mathopoly! Mathopoly is a fun day when we play a BIG, interactive Monopoly, but with math! We got to go from classroom to classroom, doing different centers! The teachers were also dressed up as the Monopoly conductor! It was very fun! 

In the first class I went to, we read a book about pi. We got to blow bubbles and then find the circumference of them! We learned that you multiply the diameter of the circle by pi, to get the circumference. This station was called Literature Lane.

In the next station, Cooking Court, we got to multiply fractions in a recipe. This recipe made some really yummy trail-mix!

Then we went to our math teacher at Pattern Parkway. We learned about rotational symmetry. Rotational symmetry is when you can turn a shape any way and it all looks the same! In that group we got to draw rotational symmetry patterns on a circle! 

I then went to Restaurant Row, it's where we ordered food by multiplying decimals. We could order any items that we wanted from off the Rock Quarry Cafe menu up to $2.00. It was yummy. 

Then it was off we went to Bubblegum Boulevard where we chewed gum and graphed how many bubbles we could blow in 2 minutes. 

My group finally went to Track and Field Trace. There we threw shot-put and measured how far we could throw it in meters. Then we had to convert those meters to decimals. 

All of these skills could help us outside of school, so I like how we learned it in a way that we will use it a lot. If we ever have to measure in the metric system, we know how to convert, or if we ever need to measure a recipe or multiply fractions to help us cook. Instead of just note taking, we got put in hands-on situations to learn it! 

At each station we could earn Rock Quarry Money. We got $10 if we applied our math skills accurately and $5 if we needed some assistances. At the end of the day, we could cash in our money for a popsicle. We all sat down with our  class and ate popsicles together. I loved Mathopoly, it was a really fun day, and I hope we can have another day like this soon! 

~Emily B

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