Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mystery Skype

Have you ever talked to someone even though you don't know where they were or who they were? Three weeks ago we had our first Mystery Skype. We have to say it is a lot like twenty questions with another class. We were in a competition to see who would guess where each other class is located.

Two students volunteered to go up on the board and write down the "yes" and "no" answers to the questions. Every two people had a Chromebook with Google Maps to help us narrow down location options.

Each table group got to go up to the computer and ask the other team/class where they lived. For example, ''Do you live in the Central time zone?'' The other team/class would answer and we would put the answer on either the "yes" or "no" column. Then, the other team/class asked us a question, and they would record the data. This pattern went on until we finally guessed the location of the class we were Skyping.

After that, we started talking about the book Fish which was the book that was read for the Global Read Aloud. We made note cards with five different questions about Fish. Then, we went up as table groups again and asked the other class questions about how they liked the book Fish. We also asked some questions like, "what is your favorite chapter and why?"

Mystery Skype is super fun and a great way to socialize and learn about things that you normally wouldn't. We loved meeting people and getting to discuss how great the book was!

~Gretchen, Lakin, & Jackie

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