Thursday, August 16, 2018

Our Bring Your Own Device Practices 2018-2019

I wanted to make all of you aware of the digital device policy for my 6th grade ELA class. My students  are allowed to bring their digital devices to class to use for educational purposes. That includes devices such as smart phones, iPod Touches, Kindles, iPads, tablets, Nooks, or laptops. These devices need to be internet capable.

Because students will not be receiving 1:1 Chromebooks until later in the school year, in our classroom, we will use digital tools on a regular basis to support individual student learning. Outside of my classroom are three signs. The green sign is "ROCK IT." When students see this sign, that means that there is something waiting for them to do with their devices upon entry into the classroom. The yellow sign is "DOCK IT." For "DOCK IT," students need to bring their devices to class, but place it facedown (or closed) on their desk until instructed to use it. The red sign is "LOCK IT." That means that students need to keep their devices in their locker for that class period. 

If your student brings his/her device to school, please remember that he/she must take responsibility for it. 

In our class, we will use devices for different types of assessment (formal and informal), writing, publishing, communicating, creating, and collaborating. It is exciting when students learn how much the tools that they use in their everyday lives can positively impact and support their learning.

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