Thursday, January 31, 2019

Our Next Adventure: Makerspaces and Literacy Standards

We are about to begin a very exciting adventure into a world of creativity in order to strengthen and master our content standards! We will be focusing on reading/writing informational texts, researching a specific topic, organizing and producing clear and coherent writing, communication skills, and using technology to produce and publish informational texts ([W.6.2], [W.6.4], [W.6.5], [W.6.6],  [W.6.7], [W.6.8], [L.6.2]).

Research has proven allowing students to explore their interests in the classroom helps to strengthen creativity, ingenuity, problem-solving skills, collaboration, and engagement. Many classrooms are fostering these ideas by creating a Makerspace for students. Makerspaces allow students to become “makers” by researching their interests in order to create an actual product. These spaces allow students to implement creativity as a problem-solving strategy while also applying academic standards. I have included links to research and examples of Makerspaces.

As you know, our 6th grade class is centered around the needs and interests of each student. Each day our lessons are based upon best practices in order to promote success in every student. I have been fortunate enough to learn from my students everyday. In order to continue the creative and intellectual environment that has been created in our classroom, we have chosen to  transform our classroom into a Makerspace! In order for this unit to be successful, we will need a variety of items donated for student use. I am eager to begin this amazing adventure with your students, and I plan to foster their creativity and imagination, while also mastering academic standards, through this unit.

Thank you so much!

Makerspace Resources:

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