Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Pronoun Assessment

On Thursday, September 12th, we will have an assessment on pronouns. This will include subjective, objective, reflexive, intensive, possessive and commonly misused pronouns (L.6.1).

There are several different ways that students can prepare for this assessment:

  • In their comp books, students have class notes, guided notes, and practice pages that have been corrected. All of these can be used for study and practice.
  • Students can visit the class links page on our class website. On that page, I have curated a collection of interactive activities that they use to practice these standards.
  • Mr. Price created several Quizizz to help our ELA students review these standards. Students can go to these links:  
    3. ​
Remember that according to our syllabus, assessments are worth 90% of the grade and practice is worth 10%.

Students should reading at least 20 minutes a night and we strive to reach our 40 Book Challenge.

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