Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The End of 2013 Global Read Aloud

 The end of the Global Read Aloud we learned that people around the world participate with the global read aloud. We got to connect with other classes around the world. It was so cool! A class in Sweden asked us questions and told us comments through Twitter. They are on the other side of the world! This was also a chance for everyone who read it to learn lessons: how to treat others, what it feels like to have Cerebral Palsy, and be different.You realize that some people can be so mean. Think of how many people learned these things! The world is definitely a better place because of the Global Read Aloud.

We also got to watch a live chat with Sharon Draper and see her insight on the book, how she came up with the book, and what she likes about writing. She is really in love in what she does. She used to teach, and has written and published 31 books. Wow!
The Global Read Aloud is a brilliant way to learn and connect with other classes around the world. I think every class should participate. There are different books depending on your grade level. It is a better way to read , because you talk to other kids who might have seen something you did not. They can teach you new things too.  I think this is definitely a great learning opportunity for kids of all ages.I hope we will do it again next year!

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