Thursday, November 14, 2013

GRA: Sharon Draper Chat

 Last Thursday, we got the opportunity to participate in a live chat with Sharon Draper, the author of Out of My Mind. When we talked to Sharon Draper, other students from all over the world also talked to her through twitter and TodaysMeeet about the book Out of My Mind and how she felt about the book. We asked her questions like who is her favorite character in the book. We also asked her who would she would be if she were a character in the book. She said she would be Ms. V. She also talked with the founder of  Global Read Aloud, Mrs.Ripp about how she picked the book that was picked for the GRA 13. "I was so excited that my book was picked for the Global Read Aloud," said Sharon Draper. She told us about her new book and how many books she has written. She has written thirty-one books. Each book has been published. She also told us that she started off as a teacher. It took a long time for her to think of the characters' names for Out of My Mind. She always changed the character's name around a few times. She is in the middle of writing another book right now. All she told us about the book she is writing is that there will be a character that is nothing like Melody, the girl in Out of My Mind. She did say she would be eleven years old like Melody.

We are so excited to read her next book. Most of the people in our class our going to look for more of Sharon Draper's books. The book Out Of My Mind was very inspirational. What we most like about Sharon Draper is that she writes things that are realistic and not rainbows and unicorns.She is a great writer to us and she has inspired us to follow our dreams. She also taught us not to judge a book by its cover.

Blog you later!!!!! ~SC&TD

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