Friday, November 8, 2013

Awareness Week at RQMS

Last week was Awareness Week at Rock Quarry Middle School. We took time to think about how we could make a difference in the lives of others. Monday was Red Out for drug awareness. Everyone wore red to support the cause. Tuesday was Gold Out for childhood cancer awareness. Even though people didn't have much gold, we pulled it off. People wore yellow if they didn't have any gold clothes. Wednesday was blue out for diabetes awareness. Thursday was our Pink Out day for Breast Cancer. Our teachers let us spray our hair with pink. . We actually did a fund raiser where we could bring $2 for a pink streak or $5 for our whole head. Everybody just about sprayed their hair pink. All the money we raised went to the Susan Kohmen Foundation. On Friday, it was black out day for Autism. Everybody somehow,  had black on their clothing. It  was awesome seeing everybody with black on. Everyday on the intercom, somebody talked about what we were supporting that day. Some people told stories on how that sickness affected them and their families. It was a week that we will always remember. I think that it touched us all and told us more about some sicknesses that are affecting lots of other peoples lives around the globe.
 ~SC & TD

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