Friday, November 8, 2013

Creepy Science

On Halloween we did a day called Creepy Science. It was when we did these cool and creepy science stations. We did the Franken- Pickle, Goblin Goo, Screaming Quarter, Blast Off, Magic Potion, and Spooky Glove. In Franken- Pickle we electrocuted a pickle to see what caused the yellow sparks to erupt inside the pickle. Goblin Goo was were we mixed glue, borax, and water together and it created a substance that felt like goblin goo. The Screaming Quarter is when  we put a quarter on dry ice to see if it causes a reaction. Blast Off is when when we put 3 mentos in coke, coke diet, and coke zero to see what would happen. In Magic Potion, we mixed dry ice,green food coloring,and water. In Spooky Glove we put vinegar and baking soda in an empty bottle of water and then we put a glove on the top to see what would happen.

During Franken-Pickle we electrocuted a poor pickle, when it didn't do anything to us. Yellow sparks were inside the pickle and they didn't go exploding out. It was very interesting. Mrs. Abrams did that station and she was a British Einstein. It was so funny. Kids were talking about it the entire day.

During Goblin Goo we mixed glue, borax, and water. It created a gooey substance that we believe is called Goblin Goo. Mrs. Brewer did this station. She let us each take a little bit of goo. But be warned. If this is left on any substance that is not plastic, it will melt into the substance.

Screaming Quarter was when we put a metal object to a piece of dry ice. The oxygen was trying to escape, so it made a screaming sound.

Blast Off was when we put three Mentos into a bottle of Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Diet. We wanted to see which explosion would go the highest.

Magic Potion is when we mixed dry ice, green food coloring, and water. We wanted to see if we could drink it, because we know that you can't eat dry ice. You can!

Last, but not least, there is the Spooky Glove. During Spooky glove we put vinegar in a bottle of water and then added baking soda. We put a glove on top and watched to see what would happen. The glove inflated.

Fun, exciting, and mysterious learning all wrapped up into one creepy day.

~ SC & TD

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