Saturday, October 13, 2012

Global Read Aloud- Character Trading Cards

While reading The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, we feel like we've made new friends with the characters. Ms. Applegate is such a  good example of how to write characters. We wanted to share our thoughts about these characters from their point of view. We hope you enjoy them.

My name is Ivan. I am a gorilla. I live in a domain at the Big Top Mall and Video Arcade. I used to be in the wild, but now I am not. I have been in my domain for nine thousand eight hundred and fifty-five days. I draw art work because I am an artist and my art work cost $20 in the mall's gift shop or $25 with the frame. I have a friend named Julia who is an artist too. Today, I drew a beetle and Mack said it looked like a big blob of nothing. Julia saw it an knew my art was of a beetle.

I'm an elephant named Stella,who remembers everything and loves to tell stories. I have scars on two of my feet from being chained when I was young. I live in the Big Top Mall with Ivan the gorilla. Ivan is one of my best  friends. He lives in the domain next to me. He is a 400 pound gorilla. I like to take care of the other elephant, named Ruby, in my domain.

Hi my name is Bob. I am of questionable heritage, which means I'm a stray. I live at the Big Top Mall and Video Arcade. I am nut colored and used to have many brothers and sisters. Now I'm on my own. Julia gave me my name. I don't let humans touch me because their scent upsets my digestion. I only let Julia touch me. I love TV. I prefer to watch professional bowling and cat-food commercials. Ivan and I enjoy western movies and romance movies.I am speedy and not tactful, but Ivan lets me sleep on his belly. He's a good friend.

I am Ruby. I am a baby elephant. I make many noises like the trumpets they sell at the gift shop. I am shorter than Ivan who is a gorilla. I used to live in Africa. I am here because humans captured me. Humans killed my family and I was alone. I lived at a traveling circus for a month where they didn't feed me enough.Then Mack bought me and moved me to the Big Top Mall and Video Arcade. I've met Stella, Ivan, Bob, and Julia.

Hi, I am Julia. I have black hair, a half-moon smile, and old clothes. I'm ten years old. My dad is George. He works at the Exit 8 Mall and Arcade to clean Ivan, the gorilla's cage, and all of the other areas in the mall.When I am at the mall and arcade center, I sit by Ivan's domain while doing homework and also while drawing. I like Ivan because he is smart and he likes to draw just like me.

Hi, my name is Mack. I work at the Exit Eight Mall. I am the boss so I answer the phone all day. I also feed a gorilla named Ivan because I don't have enough money to hire a gorilla babysitter. I do shows where I dress up like a clown and ride on a really tiny bike too. After that show, our elephant Stella does a show with Snickers, our dog. Stella stands on her hind legs and Snickers jumps on her back.If she doesn't do her trick, I have to swing the claw stick. I love my job at the mall.


  1. What a fantastic idea of how to present characters. I will have to do this with my class as well. I hope you are enjoying the read aloud!
    Pernille Ripp
    Madison, WI 53593

    1. Thank you, we are also enjoying The Global Read Aloud that you made for us.We hope you enjoy it too.We are reading The One and Only Ivan.Our favorite part is when Ivan threw a me ball to those two kids who were being mean.What is your favorite part in The One and Only Ivan?

  2. Hi Mrs. Ramsay and students,
    I am really interested in your trading cards about the story characters. It seems like you have spent some time thinking deeply about the characters, and how they look, think and act. I am wondering if you got to choose the characters that you worked on? If so, was it difficult to decide which character to do?
    Ms. Penno
    Calgary, Alberta

    1. I'm glad you like the trading cards. They weren't as hard as they looked. You just tell about the character and take a picture of the drawing and let technology do the rest.We like thinking deeply about everything. No, she made it fair and let us choose the character name out of a pirate hat.

  3. Hi Mrs Ramsay and students
    The 5M students at Apollo Parkways loved the character trading cards. They asked if we could do something similar. Your class has a great understanding of the characters. What did your students like best about the activity?
    From your blogging buddies in Greensborough, Australia

    1. Thank you. We like the using the book to draw our pictures best. It was fun to photo them and put them into the trading cards. You should try the trading cards because your students will probably think it's really fun too.It helps with visualizing while reading.

  4. Hello Mrs Ramsay and students!

    Great job with this project! I'm one of the editors at We made that app you used to make the Trading Cards.

    I hope you liked using the Trading Cards as a way write about the characters in the stories. You did a wonderful job. I love the little bios that accompany the cards, and the pictures are great.

    Thanks for sharing these! And if you have any suggestions or ideas about what other apps you'd like to see made, we'd enjoy hearing them.

    Associate Editor