Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tweet Stories

 Today we were given the challenge to create a story in 140 characters or less. We thought it would be easy, but we learned to be careful selecting our words to say the most important things. This challenged our thinking and creativity. Can you write Tweet Story? We challenge you to try and share your story in a  comment. We hope you enjoy our Tweet Stories.

Dancing with the Pigs
As a pig wants to be a dancing  star! He always warn heed his favorite TV show, Dancing with the Pigs and dreamed he could dance there one day. 
There once was a land called dreamland. Where people imagined things and they appeared. Jack lives there, and my job is defeating furious dragons.
A Prince and Princess                                                       
Once upon a time there was a princess who was very intelligent but, her parents mistreated her. She met  a prince and they ran away. 
 Spoiled Girl
One morning a witch snuck out to grab children. A spoiled little girl got caught. She pitched a fit and the witch let her go.
Haunted House
Once upon a  time  Lauren and Brooke went to a haunted house. As they creeped through a man with a chainsaw jumped out. They ran for our lives and never looked back.
Billy is a superhero. He likes to help people with problems. He loves to fight crime, and make the world a better place.
An alien named Bob came to planet E. He thought humans were the grossest thing he'd ever seen. Bob threw up all day long and flew away quickly.
Dancing Al 
There was an elephant named Al. He dreamed of cheering for Alabama. He kicked the old mascot of the stage and cheered his heart out.
Fighting for the Right to Dribble
Julie lives in 1974. She is a bright girl. She finds out at school that no girls can play basketball. Julie protested and now they have a girls team.    
Bad Luck? 
Once there was a brown dog and a black cat.The brown dog was jumpy because he thought the black cat was bad luck. It wasn't true. They met and became friends.
World Record for... 
One time a monkey wanted to get into the world record book. He wanted to break the banana eating record. He did by eating 248 bananas. 
Polly Want a Win          A parrot wanted to win a phrase saying contest. He practiced for 26 days. He won by saying 469   phrases.  
A Dog with a Blog 
One day Mya and her family found the most adorable dog and took him home. When they turned around to get him food, he disappeared. He was blogging on their computer. 
A Surprising End 
A frog wanted to kiss a princess, but the princess thought he was disgusting. She finally agreed. When they kissed, she turned into a frog. 
 Suzzy's Dream
A panda named Suzzy wanted to work at a circus. Suzzy had a ungue talent. She can pogo stick and eat ice cream. A circus man discovered Suzzy and she worked at the circus. 
Lost Dog
There was a dog that loved to play. While playing, he found a path. It took him to another world. He was scared and returned home. 
Fame and Learning 
There is a famous person named Mrs. Ramsay. She became famous by giving her students tools to learn. She gave them tech; they Skype too. 
There was a girl named Chelsea. She wanted to cheer at ACE. Her dad said no. So she cried all day, and she gave her dad the silent  treatment. 
We went to an old house. Inside, a witch told us to stay and offered candy. She put us in a hot tub. We knew that we were goners. 
There was a boy named Josh who didn't believe in zombies. One day walking home, he took a shortcut and found a family of zombies. 

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